Sunday, 9 May 2010

replacing the Sunday Roast

Sometimes I despair. Science has proven that the Brits' traditional roast meat and vegetables cooked in gallons of animal fat is BAD for you. Why won't people listen?

Even the more tasteful British Sunday menus are usual FULL of harmful fats and genetically modified ingredients. And meanwhile out there sitting on the shelves all ready to buy are fantastic alternatives such as the delicious FairTrade nut cutlets pictured here.

And actually you don't even have to buy these - they are VERY easy to make. I have been trying to get this message through to people in my own family - yes, I mean you Jess :-) - but as yet I'm having no success.

Perhaps someone else can do better. My stepdaughter is cooking right now and I gather can be reached on Twitter as @Jess_nurse. Why not try and talk her into doing the right thing?

And yes - if she is prepared to try nut cutlets, I will try Twitter. That's a promise!

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