Monday, 10 May 2010

Australia here we come!!

Great news! My wonderful husband has sprung a fabulous surprise on us, announcing that he has bought last minute tickets for me and my stepdaughter Juliet to fly to Australia THIS WEEK!

There I was thinking I would have weeks to pack and prepare for this great new life adventure and now I find I have just two days to get going. Exciting!

My husband will be staying behind to finalise funeral arrangements for Tybalt and help police with any further enquiries. It's an amazing act of self sacrifice on his part to take on such a weighty responsibility and leave us girls to blaize a trail to the New World.

I am nervous - especially with having to settle Juliet into a new school at short notice - but I am also excited. What an opportunity! What an adventure!

I will, of course, be taking a sensible dose of Melatonin just before my flight to counter the effects of jet lag. This is just one of the many products I'm hoping to include in my 'Balanced Adults Down Under' range - available in all good Sydney retail outlets from next autumn - fingers crossed!!

Remember to place your order before you take your next long-haul flight.

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