Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Is there such a thing as too much health powder?

At my step-daughter's 16th birthday party last week, a large amount of arjuna powder was consumed - without my permission I might add.

Normally, I would recommend only a small daily amount of this frankly miraculous product (available to all you Australians who are soon to become my compatriots and my clients!).

I have not had any experience of what it might be like to take a whole box of the stuff in one sitting (let alone six boxes! or more!!). I'm assuming gastric problems might ensue. And certainly if consumed with any kind of alcohol, I'd advise seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

If any parents of children who attended this party are concerned about what went on that night, they should in the first instance make contact with my other step-daughter Jess. I was not actually present myself and therefore it would be hard for me to take full responsibility for anything that occurred.

Jess can be contacted via Twitter as @Jess_nurse. She is a trained solicitor and will have all the answers to your questions, legal or otherwise.

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