Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I’m so excited! My very own health bar!

It’s taken my husband several years and a lot of money to deliver on the vision that I outlined but yesterday it happened.

I took delivery of my first case of packaged, branded hemp bars that I sincerely believe could become the Number 1 snack in Australia.

My youngest stepdaughter Juliet has been my number 1 guinea pig as I worked to perfect the ingredients of this amazing product (place your orders asap!).

On and off Juliet has provided me with feedback on how she’s been feeling, how her body has been responding and how my nutritional plan for her might be helping her to achieve the kind of success in her GCSEs that her father is expecting from her.

I gather she is yet another member of the family who has been lured in by the charms of Twitter !(?) where she is known as @julietcap16. I’m hoping that she too is using this new-fangled social-networking to tell her friends about the benefits of a balanced, well-formulated and cost-effective dietary regime.

At the moment our household is being completely dominated by the plans for Juliet’s 16th birthday party this week - and I’m just so glad that the hemp bars have arrived in time.
They make excellent party snacks I think!

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