Thursday, 22 April 2010

How to deal with health at a COMMUNITY level

Organising a 16th birthday can be a very stressful business for any mother. But I thank BALANCED ADULTS for keeping me sane.

One of the more unusual stresses is dealing with the demands of other parents who perhaps find it hard to adopt a balanced & adult approach when it comes to preparing their children for a social event that is perhaps a little grander than they’re used to; particularly since it has become fashionable in recent years for some parents to take it on themselves to manage their child’s friendships on their behalf (!)

For example only yesterday I received this letter from another local mum [names have been crossed out to protect people’s privacy]:

What to do? Frankly I find the best policy is to ignore these attempts at emotional blackmail and concentrate as I always do on myself and how my body is coping with what life throws at me.

If anyone else would care to write to me in order to receive some helpful advice please feel free. It’s all good practice for my future life as a ‘media’ guru in Australia!

P.S I have been asked by my stepdaughter Jess to confirm that there will be security on the door at this party and gatecrashers will not be welcome. Apparently all relevant information is available on Twitter using a hashtag (?!) that is #julesparty.

I hope you all understand what that means because frankly I don’t.

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