Friday, 30 April 2010

do you know what's in your food?

Such is the resistance of the very young to any idea that they haven't thought of themselves, I've been finding it very hard to convince my own family - let alone all you lovely people out there - to eat some of the -admittedly unusual and groundbreaking - meals I've outlined in my forthcoming book 'Maintaining Balance in an Upside Down World' (a great read for anyone living 'down under' btw)

One way round this problem is simply to slip a few extra 'ingredients' into everday meals without telling anyone. My handy range of Balanced Adult 'droplet' products are designed with this in mind.

I have, for example, been using these on my step son Tybalt recently in the hope of calming his more aggressive tendencies. I hear on the grapevine that as a direct result of this he has been writing poetry on Twitter (?!) and joining in with a local ping pong tournament - things he would probably never have dreamed of doing before. (He is @Tybalt_Cap on Twitter apparently).

Now before I get a flood of complaints about secretly 'doping' people with my products just ask yourself these questions: do you really know what manufacturers put into the food you eat anyway? Are you clear about how much salt and sugar you are consuming and what kind of sugar it might be. Have you any idea how they actually make hydrogenated fat?

With those questions in mind, I feel strongly that it is entirely OK to make our own choices about what we add to a family meal in terms of healthy ingredients. So go for it! As I did!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to buy any of my discreet 'droplet' products (not tested on animals).

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