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Thursday, 13 May 2010

1st public appearance in Sydney postponed

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be giving my talk on 'Stay Young, Stay Beautiful' at the Antipodean Health Show in Sydney next week - and indeed have cancelled all public engagements for the foreseeable future.

I'm so sorry.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Australia here we come!!

Great news! My wonderful husband has sprung a fabulous surprise on us, announcing that he has bought last minute tickets for me and my stepdaughter Juliet to fly to Australia THIS WEEK!

There I was thinking I would have weeks to pack and prepare for this great new life adventure and now I find I have just two days to get going. Exciting!

My husband will be staying behind to finalise funeral arrangements for Tybalt and help police with any further enquiries. It's an amazing act of self sacrifice on his part to take on such a weighty responsibility and leave us girls to blaize a trail to the New World.

I am nervous - especially with having to settle Juliet into a new school at short notice - but I am also excited. What an opportunity! What an adventure!

I will, of course, be taking a sensible dose of Melatonin just before my flight to counter the effects of jet lag. This is just one of the many products I'm hoping to include in my 'Balanced Adults Down Under' range - available in all good Sydney retail outlets from next autumn - fingers crossed!!

Remember to place your order before you take your next long-haul flight.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

replacing the Sunday Roast

Sometimes I despair. Science has proven that the Brits' traditional roast meat and vegetables cooked in gallons of animal fat is BAD for you. Why won't people listen?

Even the more tasteful British Sunday menus are usual FULL of harmful fats and genetically modified ingredients. And meanwhile out there sitting on the shelves all ready to buy are fantastic alternatives such as the delicious FairTrade nut cutlets pictured here.

And actually you don't even have to buy these - they are VERY easy to make. I have been trying to get this message through to people in my own family - yes, I mean you Jess :-) - but as yet I'm having no success.

Perhaps someone else can do better. My stepdaughter is cooking right now and I gather can be reached on Twitter as @Jess_nurse. Why not try and talk her into doing the right thing?

And yes - if she is prepared to try nut cutlets, I will try Twitter. That's a promise!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The need for privacy - and a nerve tonic - at this terrible time

Thanks to all of you who have sent condolences regarding the death of my step-son Tybalt. It came as a terrible shock to us all.

He was a boy with a fine future ahead of him and we are devastated to have lost him in very cruel and violent circumstances. I'm assured that police are doing everything they can at this time.

Obviously, we were hoping that the press would respect the family's privacy, but fat chance of that in this country. One of the things I will *not* miss about Britain when I finally get to move to Australia will be the newspapers and the so-called paperazzi!

My nerves have become quite frazzled by the constant knocking on the door and ringing of the telephone. Luckily I have just the right product to help with that - my Triple Complex Nerve Tonic. This is probably the first time I've been a customer for one of my own products and I have to say I give it a ringing endorsement.

If only the newspapers would write something positive about the work that I do in this regard, calming peoples' nerves -rather than focussing on the murky events of last Monday.

Monday, 3 May 2010

another reason to be really excited about Australia

"Based on the most powerful fat soluble antioxidants, Dr. Red Blueberry Punch is already creating much excitement in Australia where it is produced. Using raw materials like turmeric, citrus and olive leaf as well as blueberries, University of Sydney testing shows that Blueberry Punch is in a class of its own for antioxidant power. Featured in two separate articles in the Daily Mail, Dr Red Blueberry Punch is an evidence based, antioxidant enriched, blueberry concentrate."

Doesn't that sound amazing? I can't wait to get out there and make an appointment with Dr Qihan Dong who heads the research on this product. If I could book a ticket tomorrow I would! It's so exciting.

Friday, 30 April 2010

do you know what's in your food?

Such is the resistance of the very young to any idea that they haven't thought of themselves, I've been finding it very hard to convince my own family - let alone all you lovely people out there - to eat some of the -admittedly unusual and groundbreaking - meals I've outlined in my forthcoming book 'Maintaining Balance in an Upside Down World' (a great read for anyone living 'down under' btw)

One way round this problem is simply to slip a few extra 'ingredients' into everday meals without telling anyone. My handy range of Balanced Adult 'droplet' products are designed with this in mind.

I have, for example, been using these on my step son Tybalt recently in the hope of calming his more aggressive tendencies. I hear on the grapevine that as a direct result of this he has been writing poetry on Twitter (?!) and joining in with a local ping pong tournament - things he would probably never have dreamed of doing before. (He is @Tybalt_Cap on Twitter apparently).

Now before I get a flood of complaints about secretly 'doping' people with my products just ask yourself these questions: do you really know what manufacturers put into the food you eat anyway? Are you clear about how much salt and sugar you are consuming and what kind of sugar it might be. Have you any idea how they actually make hydrogenated fat?

With those questions in mind, I feel strongly that it is entirely OK to make our own choices about what we add to a family meal in terms of healthy ingredients. So go for it! As I did!

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to buy any of my discreet 'droplet' products (not tested on animals).

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Is there such a thing as too much health powder?

At my step-daughter's 16th birthday party last week, a large amount of arjuna powder was consumed - without my permission I might add.

Normally, I would recommend only a small daily amount of this frankly miraculous product (available to all you Australians who are soon to become my compatriots and my clients!).

I have not had any experience of what it might be like to take a whole box of the stuff in one sitting (let alone six boxes! or more!!). I'm assuming gastric problems might ensue. And certainly if consumed with any kind of alcohol, I'd advise seeing a doctor as soon as possible.

If any parents of children who attended this party are concerned about what went on that night, they should in the first instance make contact with my other step-daughter Jess. I was not actually present myself and therefore it would be hard for me to take full responsibility for anything that occurred.

Jess can be contacted via Twitter as @Jess_nurse. She is a trained solicitor and will have all the answers to your questions, legal or otherwise.